Writing Plan for the Critical Review

I am coming to the end of my Blog, studying and researching into the ‘Emmett, Jessie and Virginia’ image. The end process is a critical review where the question is up to me to decide on. It has to be 800-1000 words.

Sally Mann – Immoral or Maternal?

Emmett, Jessie and Virginia

This will be the subject/question that I will base my critical review on.

Key argument

I will begin my argument by constructing for the side of Sally Mann’s images being immoral. To construct this side of the argument i will use the sources I have found through m research, looking at Pat Robinson’s quote “Selling photographs of children naked for profit is immoral”. I will also be looking at what Jessie Mann said in her interview that i studied in my blog as well. I will also touch on the similarities of Man Ray’s and Sally Mann’s images, comparing the sexual nature between the images.

Counter Key argument

On the other side of the argument, arguing that the images are maternal, that they are photo’s taken by a loving mother, i will also be using the information gathered in my blog to help me construct a more positive view on Sally Mann. Jessie Mann’s interview will be used on this side of the argument as well, using quotes and ideas raised from that particular entry. I’ll also be looking at the techniques Sally Mann uses to create such images. Ill then involve her other pieces of work, helping to show what her other work is like, to construct an idea of her work as a whole, not just as individuals, or indeed as series’.

Summarise and Conclude

Due to the very limited amount of words, my conclusion will be quite short, and hopefully sweet. In this i will look over the points and hopefully come to my own conclusion of her works and come to a conclusion on that particular image.


Aperture no. 162, Daughter, Model, Muse Jessie Mann on being photographed.

At 12, Mann, Sally, Aperture

http://elsadorfman.com/at12.htm (accessed 23rd november)


Immediate Family, Mann, Sally, Aperture (2005)

http://www.nytimes.com/1992/09/27/magazine/the-disturbing-photography-of-sally-mann.html?pagewanted=2 (accessed 23rd November)


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Im 19, and i want to be interesting, im currently studying contemporary media at westminster and will become a scriptwriter.
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