Research Findings

This blog, as a whole, has been very interesting and mildly entertaining. Over the course of the last 9 weeks I have been posting all on Sally Mann, through which I have discovered lots and almost come to the stage of understanding her work.

The image itself is provocative, three topless children, two girls and one boy, and it was taken by their mother. One of the main arguements that kept cropping up again and again throughout my research was the argument of whether the images were moral. Many critics argued that any mother exposing their children’s bodies for photographs, with profit in mind, is immoral. However some argued the images were merely more than family photo’s, that the images were a mothers take on her children growing up.

Therefore one potential argument is ‘Maternal or immoral’ – The exploration of Sally Mann’s view.

Another argument which I decided to explore within my blog was the question of ‘Does taking intimate images of children make them less sexual?!’. I attacked this question within my blog so therefore answering it again would arguably be a bit pointless. However the argument above is the main underlying argument surrounding Sally Mann’s work so understanding this, I feel I have to write about this argument in my Critical Review.

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Im 19, and i want to be interesting, im currently studying contemporary media at westminster and will become a scriptwriter.
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