Study diary 4

After looking at more theory and analysis techniques, I feel much more certain on my views of Sally Mann and am exited about the research process again. I felt that semiotics was much more helpful than Binary oppositions, as it provoked more thought on her work, but both were helpful.

To continue my research process, I want to learn more about Sally Mann herself, so i will look at her biography and history, and see if that brigs anything new to the table. I will also be looking at the ‘at 12’series that she produced, as that also has children as the focus of the series. I will also be looking at one more analysis technique, which hopefully cement my opinions on Sally Mann’s work.

Overall i think my research is going well, and I have covered a large array of topics and ideas, and hopefully this will show in my conclusion of this process. With a few more topics to look at, i think my project is slowly coming to an end.

About charliesarsfieldcmp

Im 19, and i want to be interesting, im currently studying contemporary media at westminster and will become a scriptwriter.
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